The holidays are upon us!  And that means… RECIPE ALERT!  This one has been floating around my garden friends for awhile, and it’s worth sharing!  A yummy, healthy, and Thanksgiving-appropriate recipe!  Serve as a side- Great to replace the sugar and dairy-filled bean casseroles… I drool over this, you guys. […]

Lime-Basil-Mint Green Beans

Eight days ago, I DECLARED to the Universe what it was I wanted, why, and the action that I was taking to get it. I feel like often when we take this step, the Big U sends us a couple little “tests,” you know, just to see how serious we are. 😉  […]

To Serve With Love…

Some meanderings to consider about self-care… especially when what you know best is others-care… I recently traveled up to Wisconsin for an awesome conference… I got back and knew I needed some major self-care. I scheduled all sorts of seemingly relaxing appointments. In less than a week, I had a […]

Self-Care is a State of Being