HOLISTIC DETOX: The Cleansing Experience!

It’s another up-leveling month!

 Have you been feeling a Detox, but aren’t sure where to start?

What is a Detox anyway? Just a buzzword? Is there actually much benefit?

It is NOT a weight loss plan, a diet, or get-fit-quick plan.

Your body is actually ALWAYS cleansing and detoxing, but a focused reset can be a good idea once in awhile. Especially at the end/beginning of a transition, transformation, or new change cycle.

 A Detoxing Reset is a concentrated container of time to focus on accelerating and aiding the systematic release of what your body no longer needs.

Giving your digestion a bit of a break allows your body to send that energy to work healing elsewhere in your system, and also for toxins to flush through and out.

Benefits may include:

  • Increased Energy
  • Focus, Greater Mental Clarity, and New Ideas
  • Glowing Skin, Stronger Hair & Nails
  • Body Aches Disappearing
  • Deeper, More Restful Sleep
  • Deeper Meditation, Life in H.D.
  • Flatter Tummy
  • Change your Palate & Taste Buds & Cravings
  • A new understanding of emotional eating patterns
  • An Emotional/Mental Release of the past and ability to move forward
  • Feeling of being “Lighter and Brighter!”

…That is just the Physical.

This cleansing experience is Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual as well.

It is NOT like any cleanse you have done before. It is Different. Holistic. Energetically Well-Supported.

This is also grounding into the physical body all the soul transformation that we have been doing for months.

Come Detox holistically to help yourself into the new paradigm and ground all of your emotional progress & spiritual work into your human body– your soul’s vessel for this life.

Free the energy by clearing away debris stuck in the body, the expression vehicle of your full soul.

Enter…   The 3 Day Detoxing Reset!!  and the 10 Day Cleansing Upgrade!!  

Watch this video for details!

This is largely a colon cleanse designed to safely release toxins. The liver, kidneys, and spleen are well-supported also.

We will primarily be using Vegetables, Fruit, Spices, and Herbs in the form of Juices, Smoothies, Water, and Teas for the 3 day Detoxing Reset. There will be 2 days of prep work and eating lighter to make this a 5 day experience.

  • How to safely and effective release toxins
  • What supplements might be beneficial and
  • What supplements might not be worth it
  • Emotional support
  • Grocery Lists & Recipes & Detox Outline
  • Journaling Exercise and Prompts
  • Program takes the form of lessons delivered via email with video lessons and corresponding worksheets.

The 10 Day Cleansing Upgrade will include an additional 5 days of support, with reintegration instructions such as when to add back in what.

With the 10 Day option, you may opt-in to a 30 minute 1-1 DETOX COACHING CALL with Amanda for additional support! 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been through A LOT in the past year or so. We are collectively wrapping up one cycle and stepping into the next. Stepping into New Being, New Consciousness… however, we can still have old remnants stuck in our physical… and it’s time to complete the upgrade on the physical level. The world needs you to do this. You need you to do this.


The 3 Day Detoxing Reset: $197.

The 10 Day Cleansing Upgrade: $297.

The 10 Day Cleansing Upgrade with 1-1 Detox Support Call: $397.

Begins January 29, 2018

                                                                        REGISTER NOW. 

*This program not recommended for pregnant or diabetic women. *

*Recommended: a juicer, a blender, and a smile!


Some Detox Feedback:

 I am amazed at how well I’m feeling! Even now! (post-cleanse)

I noticed so much about my emotional eating patterns!

 This cleanse has some extra special Amanda healing for some extra special transformation!!

 The detox has helped me look at food differently & me look at myself differently. It has helped me to recognise a new insight into who I am.

 I’ve done cleanses before, and this feels different. You need a disclaimer, “This is not like any cleanse you have done before!!!”

 I connected my body detox to my holistic understanding of who I am, making the connection between food and how we live our lives.

 The recipes are delicious, and my energy levels are way up!

 It is a mind, body and soul cleanse, detoxing you on every level.


See what these wonderful women had to say about their cleansing experience:

“The 10 Day Detox with Amanda was amazing. The instructions and guidelines were clear, I felt supported and held, and my energy levels are way up!

The recipes for the prep days and integration days are delicious, and my husband thoroughly enjoyed them too.

I highly recommend Amanda’s program to anyone who may be considering a cleanse or detox program.

Your energy will skyrocket!”

~Michelle Brass, Transformational Life Coach.


I had a wonderful experience on Amanda’s 10 Day Detox Spring Cleansing. Not only was all of the information shared interesting and useful, it made sense of what I was doing and feeling.

I had some breakthroughs in terms of stuff I’m working on. Slept well and have surprisingly dropped 2 lbs in weight!

Amanda’s recipes are great, as was her shopping list (seriously useful to get started with) and, more importantly, Amanda’s level of heartfelt support, knowledge of the body and how foods heal was second to none.

It is a mind, body and soul cleanse, detoxing you on every level.

I will do this again with you, Amanda. Thank you for all you did for us, it was huge! Xx”

~Sarah Negus, Modern Day Shaman.


“3 Day Detoxing with Amanda Heisman….This Release far exceeded my expectations. I knew it was going to be a challenge to get through it in my physical body. I never realized just how much it would support my metaphysical detox. Everything came together with great synchronicity.

It was a scary thought to take that initial step to undertake a detox to help my body eliminate all the detritus it was holding on to. It was one of the most important moves that I could have made. It helped me to face challenges which would only make me stronger. I could adopt and associate what was happening to me with my eating detox to what was happening with my spiritual detox.

I found that both the physical and the spiritual journey were so clearly interlinked as all we do in life is based in our own spirituality so doing this challenge was well timed to support my spiritual journey.

I feel so bloody fantastic with way I feel about myself as a body, as a being, and how I am detoxing my inner emotions. Just going from strength to strength. Focus is now on building my abilities and gifts.

The support that Amanda gave was second to none. She was there at every turn and difficulty we could possibly face with tips and guidance, meal ideas and encouragement. Detoxing the body is not just about getting rid of some of the rubbish held within our body, although this is truly important, but also about recognising our strength, capabilities and dynamism as we travel through all the challenges in our physical and emotional aspects.

This detox is something I will repeat as and when I feel that I need to. Detoxing was not just about clearing out the body but also clearing out the mind. I connected my body detox to my holistic understanding of who I am, and making the connection between food and how we live our lives.

It has helped me to recognise a new insight into who I am. For this I am truly grateful.

Bless you dearest.”

~Susan Baille, Your Infinite Possibilities.  PS. Detox side-effect: She dropped 4 lbs in 4 days!


I love Amanda‘s commitment… and wealth of information and support. 

Pointing out the organs (of detox) and emotions connected to them has been the basis of my spiritual evolvement and found it so heartwarming to see it included; Amanda is definitely a soul sister in that respect.

I found her language, recipes, and knowledge easily understood by any beginner and experienced alike embarking on this process.

I’m amazed at how well I’m feeling. I feel lighter and like things are working better. I don’t feel bloated after I eat, and my head is lighter, too.

I lost over 1/2 a stone (about 8-9lbs) in 10 days. I’ve kept up with the cleanse as my way of life, and I feel so much more in alignment.

Thank you so much for all that you have done, what a gift you have been!”  ? ✨

~Patrice Hutton-Jones, Intuitive Coaching with Patrice Hutton-Jones.


“This cleanse was one of the most powerful things I’ve done for myself emotionally, spiritually, mentally and PHYSICALLY in a long time!

Your wisdom about foods and the intense combination of your holding the energetic space for all my emotions to come to the surface and be healed was truly life changing.

It stretched me in so many beautiful ways to dig in deep of how I was showing up in the world.

I learned so much about how my inner child DEMANDED sugar to numb out..and how making friends with a healthier version of myself, was not only going to massively help me, but also my clients too! I’m a soloprenuer and MY ENERGY on all levels is sooo important in order for my business to thrive.

I’m feeling renewed, and like I hit the reset button to show up even MORE POWERFULLY!

I’ve learned to love myself more..so much so that I’ve decided to go beyond the 10 days and make all I’ve learned into a new healthier lifestyle.

I’m so grateful to your magic, Amanda Heisman!
I can’t thank you enough!! Thank you, THANK YOU!!”

~ Johanna Gardner, Creative Energy Healing.