Energy affecting Appetite & Appetite affecting Energy…

So September was a month of stripping down- it could have brought the end of employment or the completion of a relationship or simply the end of old habits. If you’re anything like me, it was likely a little rough on you, on your emotions, and on your energy.
Enter your favorite comfort food here. COMFORT FOOD was a big crutch for a lot of people last month. And that’s ok. We made it!

But, October- WOW. October is a time of new beginnings, new ideas, and a very fresh energy. You may feel new ideas starting to circulate and a feeling like some something’s coming, but the momentum has not quite built yet, the ideas are not fully formed. That’s ok, too.

Many of us have been so stripped down, so many masks pulled off in a very short amount of time— that we feel exposed, and we feel EMPTY.  We have a feeling of emptiness and space – not in a bad way, but in a way that makes known … the old has gone, the new has not yet come.

Here’s the thing- HOLD THAT SPACE. Hold that space of the transition until you feel and know (that you know that you know) what should go in it. The temptation is to feel the discomfort that comes with that wide open space, and to fill it up mindlessly with the activities and foods we are used to filling it with- simply because we’ve ALWAYS done it that way. We’ve always comfort eaten that way during an emotional time- it’s our clichéd tradition.

But what if we made a different choice? What if we noticed what we were filling our body, mind, time, and spirit with?
We are being asked TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY in this meantime. We are being asked to align with ourselves and build essential healthy habits – to launch us into our soul’s highest good, into our soul’s highest purpose – so that we are ready when the momentum does come whooshing through.

It is a time to choose differently. It may be time to release (or lessen intake of) sugar, caffeine, alcohol, processed/ chemical/ hormoned foods or other low-frequency, food-like substances. You may be asked to add in more vegetables, fruits, water, healthy fats, healthy proteins, and other high-vibration foods.

Take sweet, exquisite care of your precious self during this time, sleep, be gentle with you. Our planet needs us to run this upgrade. I need me to do this. You need you to do this. You need me to do this, and I need you to do this.  To be this. I am here for you in support in an intention to hold that space while building new basic healthy habits. (Nutritional and otherwise…)

Much more to come on specific ways to do this.

Sending you so much love.

Peace, Love, and Collard Greens,


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