Happy New Year! Again! (It’s never too late..)

Happy Ugadi!!
Do you celebrate Ugadi? Heard of Ugadi?

I am in a place called Sugar Land (I know!), in the metro-Houston area, visiting some dear friends. This past weekend, I went to a celebration with my BFF Uma, her hubby Dipu, and their two kids.

Up until the day of, I simply understood we were going to a potluck. That day, Uma told me that in their tradition, they have a festival each season. This one corresponded with Spring, but it was also the celebration of their New Year.

Now, for some context, back in my Michigan days, we were roommates, and I attended many family dinners, festivals, holidays, celebrations, stood in their wedding, the kids’ births and 1st year birthday celebrations, etc., but never had happened to have been around for Ugadi.

So, for the unacquainted:
“Ugadi is a festival of the Telugu-speaking populace in the states of South India. Ugadi is celebrated to welcome the Telugu New Year which ushers in a season of freshness and brightness before the colors of Holi entirely fade away. Nature brims with sprightliness when red flowers blossom and mango buds bloom heralding the arrival of New Year for South Indians. The festive ceremonies of Ugadi are observed in harmony with the joy and beauty of nature to mark the beginning of growth, affluence and prosperity for everyone.” *

I love that they celebrate the New Year at a time in Nature that corresponds with new life, new journeys, and new beginnings… buds are blossoming everywhere.

They celebrate with food and song, but the tradition that caught my attention was Ugadi Pachadi. This is a drink/chutney passed out that is made with six main ingredients that are very different and range in taste from sweet to bitter. This symbolizes the different experiences everyone goes through in life- from joy to sorrow. The story goes, the first flavor you taste, is how your year will go.  I took a deep breath, and then a taste, and yup… sweet! After a couple mostly “bitter” years, I am READY for the sweetness.

And I’m cultivating sweetness each day in my life.

Which brings me the other thing that struck me this weekend. Not so much the festival, but the cultivating what we want. So, Uma and Dipu and 3 other couples- who are their friends from college, some maybe even prior to college, growing up in South India- intentionally moved into the same neighborhood. I got to hear the whole story of how it worked out. They were spread across the country for many years after graduations- New Jersey, Michigan, Portland, Seattle, Virginia.

Some worked out deals to work remotely, others found brand new jobs, but a few years ago, as they were starting families, they moved into a newer subdivision in Sugar Land, bought houses, and boom- that’s it.

I was so amazed that it ACTUALLY happened. It sounded like the intentional community everyone talks with their college friends about doing, but never really does. Because, you know, LIFE. But they just did it. Because- why wouldn’t they? Of course they would!

Because we are powerful co-creators of our lives. Because we really can create our lives and realities exactly as we want them to be. The details really are just details. We can create what we want for ourselves. Period.

The energy is signaling a turning point right now, too. Many of us (myself included!) were so happy for a fresh start on January 1, and we got it, but we also still had quite a transitional phase going on during this first quarter.

We still had some letting go to do, some release, some forgiveness, some feeling to feel, some schtuffff to work through to really step forward in our own new way of BEing. To really line up frequentially and vibrationally with that which we say we believe, that which we say we want.  Not for the faint of heart! <3

And life is a process, and we will keep letting go, changing, growing, and moving through all its phases and flavors.

But… if right now, you are feeling a bit like- oh crap, where did 3 months go, and I’ve barely started anything I wanted to do!!!  Like you had all these big goals at the beginning of 2017 and your enthusiasm has waned… No worries. You don’t have to steal another culture’s holiday to start fresh and pursue new beginnings. It’s never too late to start the day over!
(week, month, year!)

You can create your life however you want it to be. Really. If you need a little support in the process of new beginnings, bringing your intentions to fruition, and creating this new health & happiness-filled life … You know where to find me!

Book a free 20 minute discovery call here. 

In the meantime, Happy Ugadi! Happy New Year! And Happy Creating!
… You Divine Creator, you! <3

On a side note, Mango is well-highlighted in this festival. YUM! Mangos are orange and will support your 2nd chakra and creative center. So, if you are feeling like you would like to create something or some change in your life, but aren’t sure WHAT to create or your creativity is blocked in some way…  eat some yummy mango!

*reference taken from Indian Eagle Travel Beats

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