The Intuitive Eating Experience – A New Way of Nourishment!

The Intuitive Eating Experience – A New Way of Nourishment!

A 21 day experience of  learning to eat intuitively for your max energy and nourish yourself with ease…

This approach elicits:
~ Food Freedom! Feeling clear, confident and sovereign with your food choices.
~ Appreciation for your Body & her messages.
~ Comfortable in your body- Energetic & Light!
~A Relationship with Food that signifies more of a love affair and less of a codependant.


Battling with your food choices? Hands up if you are OVER IT.

You’re over…

– Emotional Eating
– A Restrictive “Diet Mentality,” Calorie-Counting, and other Old-school ideas around Food.
– Obsessing over Food Choices … even to the point of extreme Guilt or Paralysis
– A constant state of Confusion around what you “should” eat (… especially with all the seemingly-conflicting info out there!)
– Having an adversarial relationship with Food.
– Feeling “victim” to the effects of Food and powerless over your food
– Not trusting yourself
– Feeling tired and like crap rather than energetic and light


But what IS the New Way of Nourishment? Especially if we don’t know anything different?

First, Stop “shoulding” on yourself. Let’s all, please, stop shoulding on ourselves.

We are so accustomed to the old restrictive ways, that societal programming goes deep, especially for women, so let’s unpack it and create some new habits and reframes….


There is an energy inside of every human being that will give you the information you seek around food.

The Energy of Nourishment is Open and Free!  It is also….



In The Intuitive Eating Experience, you will feel the Freedom of Nourishment…

You will receive:
– A Foundation to Intuitive Eating
– A dedicated private Facebook Group to receive guidance, accountability, and a supportive community of non-judgement.
– 10x Practices and Exercises – to establish your own Practice of building connection to your Body-Knowing
– A 30 min video lesson every other day with accompanying workbooks!

You will learn:
– What Intuitive Eating IS and what it is NOT
– How to Establish your own daily practice of Connection
– How this intuitive connection affects your food choices
– Your own individual “shoulds” and “should -nots”
– How to feel Confident and Free with your food choices
– How to feel energetic, light, healthy, and comfortable within your own body.

Your body is always, constantly sending you messages… so you flip them to the side or do you interpret, listen, and take heed?

Interested in connecting to your own inner body knowing?

Investment: $77
(a $222 Value!) 

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