Offerings & Coaching Programs


The Intuitive Eating Experience – A New Way of Nourishing – 10 Day LIVE program: Details!

The Releasing Sugar Experiment – 30 Days to Releasing Sugar and Kicking Candida to the Curb!  Increase Energy, Release incessant sugar cravings, lose weight, and gain greater mental clarity! Details here.

Detox on Demand! – A complete mind-body-soul detox with a strong energetic intention. A 3 day Cleanse- Detoxing Reset with upgrade options of  5  or 10 days of support.  Details here.

Amanda’s Easy Top Swaps & Bonus Tips– My gift to you! A list of some common food items and simple swaps you can make at the grocery store to get started. An easy start and won’t break the bank. Plus, bonus tips of things you can start doing today. Small changes, Big Results. Click to download.

Strategic Clarity Consultation– a 50 minute session to get some direction and get clear on your health goals, challenges, and priorities. Come away with clarity and actionable steps.  (Required before any private coaching program to ensure compatibility. *Initial  investment will be credited toward your coaching program, should you enroll.)  Schedule now.

Speaking Engagements – Need an engaging and informative speaker at your next company meeting? Podcast? Your children’s school event? Everyone can learn something and get healthier in the process! *Inquire for schedule & fees

Group Coaching

Live programs are Updated with the Energy.  🙂 

Private Coaching

Energy Explosion Program (12 weeks)

Your program includes…
• Twelve 45 min coaching sessions
• An initial session providing guidance to establish clear goals, challenges, and priorities.
• Simple experiments and focused exercises designed to create habit and lasting change.
• E-mail support between sessions
• Recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
• Coaching and support to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want
• Simple and informative handouts that will increase your nutrition knowledge
• Access to my monthly newsletter with the latest health tips and recipes
• My personal commitment to your health and success

You will…
Examine your current Nutrition and Lifestyle choices and how they are serving you.
Build Wellness habits to last a lifetime- serving you and your family.
Examine your beliefs about eating and yourself.
Create awareness in your body around nourishment and fuel.
Get back in touch with your beautiful body and appreciate its uniqueness.
Experience an energy increase and explosion!
Feel in control of your eating and your life.
Release societal expectations & unleash potential to truly live the life you love!

Schedule a Clarity Consult (above) to decide if a private coaching program is right for you or contact us.