The Releasing Sugar Experiment!

30 days to Releasing Sugar Addiction & Kicking Candida to the Curb!



  • Eliminate those incessant & out-of-control sugar & bread cravings!
  • Increase Energy & Sustainable Energy over the whole day!
  • Lose Weight and Reduce Risk of Illness! Avoid Allergens!
  • Reduce Brain Fog & Increase Mental Clarity!
  • Greater empowerment with creative foods!
  • Feel better than you even realized was possible!

How it works:  You receive a short, easily absorbable video tip (between 2 minutes – 10 minutes) every other day with one simple action item to practice to implement. This approach helps build habit & lifestyle change simply and effectively.

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What more Sugar Release Experimenters have to say…

“Amanda really helped me break the sugar addiction and become more aware of my bad habits with her sugar release experiment!  I am a migraine sufferer, and while I adhered to her protocol, I eliminated migraines, lost 6 pounds without even working out, and cleared up my skin. I’m currently off the wagon and need to get serious again after vacation!” ~Caroline


“I loved the videos and Amanda’s materials! I thought the gradual approach made the experiment more attainable. It was nice not to be hit with a million things “not” to do, but instead to be encouraged to introduce more positive choices into our lives and diets.” ~Erin


“Just had to say thank you. 7 weeks & 7 kilos gone. Appreciate all the support, encouragement & tips…. (it) transformed my health & wellbeing. I have a huge & exciting 12 months ahead with career. My health started to hinder me last year with a scare at the end of the year. This new way forward is such a privilege & so necessary to allow me to stay on my game & enjoy life as I go. I encourage anybody wanting to do this to reframe & step into life. You are worth it. ” ~Ros

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