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Happy New Year! So, last year this time I wrote a blog post about Unbecoming.  My dear friend Joanna had stated this was the “year of unbecoming.” She could not have been more accurate!  I mean- boy, oh boy, did 2016 unbecome us, or what? We’ve had thing after thing taken out of our lives- things we thought were important or necessary or that held some misplaced self-identity. Jobs, Money, Friendships, Relationships, Deaths, Illnesses, Insert your life event here. OR…  Added to our lives for the same effect – babies, homes, marriage, projects, patterns, disrupting events, etc.  We’ve had layers and layers stripped away so there are no facades remaining, just our beautiful naked, real selves. Our David Masterpieces. We’ve aligned even more with our True Selves.

We made it through all that, and we are starting to process it and start to grasp some of the lessons. The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017… We’ve been in the “space between the stories.” (Charles Eisenstein) Where the old has gone and the new has not yet come. A beautiful, powerful, sacred space to be in, not to rush through. Collectively, we are disenchanted and done with old systems and structures that aren’t serving our highest good. On an individual level, we have let go of old behaviors and limiting beliefs and crazy stories we’ve told ourselves.

We have just started to feel into all that awe-inspiring divine creative potential that We Are. We are dipping our toe in going, “OH SHIT!”  But in a good way… because that water’s moving fast! 🙂 And free! And clear!  Clarity. Authenticity. Transparency will be given a new name… because it will be the new norm. Gone are the days of sweeping that shit under the rug. Gone are the days of wearing masks.

The time to get ready has come and gone, we are prepared. Everything we have gone through has more than readied us to step into the New. The unknown. Unknown only to your mind, but not to your heart, gut, and soul. This is a remembering for your soul. The New Stories we will create. We have realized just how powerful we are. We can do anything. Seriously. You can create whatever you wish to create.

In my massage last week, the therapist (who happens to be my super talented sister, Hilary) told me she got a Message From Above for me. She had her hands on on my trapezius area, and the word “unclipped” came through for me.  I knew intuitively and immediately the message. My wings have been “unclipped.” Whatever self-imposed break I gave my wings… however long I kept them tucked in and small and clipped down… however long I covered them with a huge amount of baggage and burden I thought I was meant to carry around… that time is over. They are ready. My wings are ready to be big and beautiful and take up some space… and FLY.  <3


And… I suspect yours are, too!

So, let me tell you a little secret….

Most of what I do under my Health Coach Hat is NOT about food. Sure, sure-  some of it is, we make yummy recipes and clean up the kitchen and eat nutritious, delicious green things. We have fun doing it.
Most of what I actually do is guide my students to deepen their love for themselves. Point out the road back there. Somehow, some small way.

Remembering to love ourselves again. The way we did when we were kids, before anyone told us we weren’t actually supposed to. Before we used food or the lack of food as a numbing mechanism for our lack of self love.

And! while we’re spilling all the beans… (bad pun intended…) here’s another secret…

I am deepening my self love right there along with them.

Here’s how it happens… here’s one way, at least…

One of my own coaches, Sarah Negus, recently suggested a self love practice which reminded me a lot of a mirror body-talk practice I use with my students, in which they touch every part of their body, while in front of the mirror, one part at a time, and tell it why they love it.  This usually end in tears. In this scenario, we were writing reasons why we loved ourselves, why we were unique, worthy, good enough, why we will achieve our goals, etc.

I highly recommend brainstorming your own reasons. Then repeat them over and over in the mirror.  And using it to create your own Self-Love Manifesto that you can return to again and again. This is what we do, in the meantime before the action- in the space between the stories, before swan-diving into that cold water, that cold, clear, fast-moving flow.  We set our intentions and goals. We put our self-care practices in place. And we create our 2017 Self-Love Manifesto to return to again and again. This is your very own mantra and personalized motto.

Fair Warning: #vulnerable #nakedmoment #adultlanguage

Here’s mine:

I handled 2016 exceedingly well. I love greatly and deeply. I am divinely gifted, and I am divinely guided. I am amazing at what I do, and I am amazed at what I do. I am more than capable of doing what I need to do and sprinkling it with love. I can laugh at myself and often do. I believe the best in people. I can help anyone feel good, connected, and loved. I am authentic in my dance and my joy, as well as in my heartbreak and my sorrow. I am READY & prepared for all that is coming. I give generously, and I’ve worked hard for this. It IS me. I am a conduit of the Divine. It will help Earth up-level. I am BRAVE AS FUCK. I am honest and authentic. I’m freaking hilarious. I am smart. I’ve achieved my goals before. I am a badass. I DESIRE this, and there’s no way I will take this next expansive step begrudgingly, because I called it in….. And I will FLY!  With excitement and curiosity! I both allow the flow and take the guided action. Cuz IT’S TIME! IT’S TIME TO RIDE! #unclipped #flybabyfly


 Comment below with your 2017 Self-Love Mantra!  Happy Creating, you guys!

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