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FF Testimonial for Website - Susannah Whitcomb

“I signed up for the Food Foundation Program because I wanted to take the time to focus on nutrition and healthy eating habits. I liked the idea of being “in the same boat” with other like-minded people who also wanted to make healthy eating a priority.  My biggest breakthrough was taking the time to practice and focus on self-care and realizing that my routines are vital to my health and happiness. Before completing the program, I would rate how I felt at a 4 (on a 10 scale). After the program, this increased to an 8!  I found the Food Foundation Program to be very valuable. Amanda’s coaching and presentation methods were helpful, and her videos were great! I liked the combination of videos and print information, as well as the personal connection with Amanda and the Facebook group.  I would recommend this program to anyone who needs a kick-start or a re-start with healthy eating habits. This program is for anyone who needs tools to help them get started on the path to a better life!”  ~Susannah Whitcomb, Bangkok, Thailand.

FF Testimonial for website - Elizabeth M 3.28.16

“At the start of the Food Foundation Program, I would rate how I felt at a 3 (on a 10 scale).  30 days into the program through a change of behavior, attitude and armed with more knowledge, I feel like a 7+!  I found this program to be very valuable. My biggest breakthrough from the program came from understanding the connection between my body and food, and the health impact of the choices I make. I could see and feel the positive results.  The Food Foundation Program helped me turbo charge my personal commitment to a healthier lifestyle, and to lead my household by example. “Replace judgement with curiosity.” I would recommend the Food Foundation Program to anyone starting out on their own who needs to establish a routine of healthy habits; and for anyone looking to reset/kick start what they think they know about nutrition and adopt new behaviors.”  ~Elizabeth M., Tulsa, OK

FF Testimonial for website - Colleen M-2 3.28.16

“I loved taking the time to intentionally care for myself. My life tends to be one wherein I’m going full speed, all the time. The easiest thing to do is to drop myself off my to-do list. So, I’ve appreciated examining this, realizing it’s not a “selfish” priority to care for myself, and finding healthful ways to appreciate who I am, my health and, consequently, the quality of my future. I enjoyed having a regular check in, but also the process of discovery. It is fascinating to intentionally create my nutrition choices, plan, find out what works, what doesn’t, learning about digestion and these things both in session with Amanda and on my own time. It’s inspired a deeper interest in a healthy lifestyle, and I’ve built sustainable knowledge and habits for a lifetime.” ~Colleen M., Director, Tumwater, WA.

FF Testimonial for website - Colleen M

“Amanda is very unassuming, approachable, kind, and encouraging. At times, when I failed, I was worried about judgment of some kind, but there wasn’t any. Then, sometimes, I wanted more judgment as I thought that might motivate me more. But, I think I’m hard enough on myself, and Amanda knew that. Her style helped me to recognize what I’m doing well and to try to understand the reasons behind my struggles. Learning how to recognize my success instead of focusing on and dwelling on my failures was very helpful. So, it enabled me to love myself through my failures, which sets up a successful future going forward.” ~Colleen M., Director, Tumwater, WA.


FF Testimonial for website - Andi

“Amanda delivers relevant, insightful, and life-changing information through her programs and her coaching. She is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate, encouraging, and patient. She encourages you to make small changes. However, those small adjustments can be life-changing. I learned the most thorough and eye-opening information I have ever been exposed to around nutrition and lifestyle practices.” ~Andi Bond, Insightful Insight, Delray Beach, FL.


“I love to learn, and I got to learn about what it means to actually be healthy – which is WAY different than what the world and media says is healthy! The most helpful practical tools were Amanda’s handouts and visual materials I could refer to outside of sessions. I was in a really rough place when I started. I was sinking in quicksand and needed help out. Amanda assisted me out of the mud. It helped in the beginning to hear that Amanda had been there and done that, how she had struggled with pizza and sugar, and how she changed. She was not preachy; she experienced life in the mud. I feel like that experience was a necessary component to success for both her and her clients. My biggest breakthrough was getting my mind back; I created a mental shift and increased self-awareness. Mentally, I built a foundation for continued change.” ~Stephanie H., Agent, Maumee, OH.

FF Testimonial for website - Michelle Brass

“I thought I just needed to drink more water. Amanda’s coaching space helped me realize that I actually needed to go to bed earlier! The coffee and water consumption would take care of themselves! I’m now thinking ahead for meal planning & getting more veggies in. I’m now more organized! I know my food inventory, so there’s less food spoilage!”  ~Michelle Brass, Saskatchewan, Canada.


“Amanda Heisman is an incredible, supportive, optimistic, kind, and loving Health Coach. I am grateful for her knowledge and care in teaching me how to take care of my body in the best capacity to fuel my soul and allow me to live my best life! She goes above and beyond to provide valuable information and teach from a holistic point of view, reminding her clients of the vital connection between body, mind, and soul.  I love her coaching style and could not recommend her more highly!” ~Arielle Moscow, Let Your Light Shine, Delray Beach, FL.

“The Healthy Habits 101 course with the wonderful Amanda Heisman was amazing! The cooking class was so helpful and enjoyable. It gave me the opportunity to try several new healthy options that I normally wouldn’t have tried. I feel more determined, knowledgeable, and confident since taking this course! I’m excited to take the next course and learn more from Amanda! If you are looking to learn and lead a healthier lifestyle, definitely contact Amanda!” ~Melissa Graves, Corporate Sales, Boca Raton, FL.

FF Website Testimonial - Carrie Lynn-Soltesz-1 3.28.16Carrie

“Food-wise, I feel terrific! I got a blender, and I love to buy vegetables and drink them. I used to hate being in the kitchen cooking, and now I’ve changed my whole kitchen attitude!  Our hands-on experience made it fun-fun-fun! I love Amanda’s sweet potato recipe!  My diagnosis of cancer is now easier, because I have the food tools. I love Amanda’s philosophy, ‘Exchange judgment for curiosity.’ It took the pressure off of getting it perfect and allowed me to really learn about myself. This program is eye-opening, a new approach, and beyond valuable; it causes a quality of life change, and Amanda makes it exciting! I am Amanda’s #1 fan!!!” ~Carrie Lynn-Soltesz, L.M.T., Boca Raton, FL

“The Food Foundation has given me support and a new awareness of my daily choices.  Amanda’s quick tips are a great way to remind you of healthier options on a daily basis.  Her voice, smile, and wisdom are so motivating!  Thanks Amanda!”  ~Renee Luzzi, Boca Raton, FL

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